Label Printing Scale

Humanized Operation
Humanized Operation with free angle adjustment of operator panel;

Durable and reliable capacitive membrane keyboard brings longer life time;

Insect-proof Loop Design
Patent Insert proof design in the world, prevent the machine from insect damage;

The 3rd generation cassette printer design brings 150mm/s printing speed and faster & easier paper change among Label, Linerless label and receipt in one scale;


  • Printing blackness can be adjusted according to label sensibility. With self-compensation voltage temperature, our printer head has a 2-3 times life time to other general printer head.
  • High printing speed up to 120mm/s ( traditional speed is 50~80mm/s).
  • Exclusive function of upgrading program without opening the machine, convenient and fast, making your scale never falls behind.
  • Support printing traceability, nutrition information and two-dimension code.
  • With easily understood device operation, the label paper can be changed quickly.
  • For the self-service scale, customers can operate on the picture hotkey, only need to press the picture for once, quickly and intuitively. There is a “reprint” key, no need an additional staff for help, saving running cost.
  • Account checking function: the data on the scale can be uploaded to PC. For example, when the scale price is not the same as the PC price, such as discount or unit price, the scale can check the account in real time, which avoid the unnecessary loss of misoperation or not prompt price update.
  • Powerful discount function, able to set different discounts according to different periods, flexible to operate.
  • WIFI optional, able to transmit data via WIFI, avoiding the intricate line connection. It is convenient to add scale when need temporary in promotion.
  • Barcode can be rotated for 90° when printing, it can be used as low cost security labels, which can lengthen the life time of the printer head, and can save the label cost.
  • The paper is printed out vertically, preventing dirt from pasting in the scroll, which may damage the printer head.
  • Support one barcode multi-products of QR code, save lots of label paper, support to fast cashier and save customer queuing time.