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    At the middle of 1996; Al Ameen office for general trading and construction was established in Iraq for doing several projects in Iraq. During this time till 2005; the office was focusing on building up a trust relations in the field of its interest which reflects on the progress of that office in delivering the requirements for his clients.

    Al Ameen group was established in 2004 as a group of companies that will be able to provide full turnkey construction and logistical services with a unique understanding of the operating environment in Iraq, capable of providing all the necessary financial, material and human resources to ensure the project's success. The company created alliances with other companies in order to diversify its work. 
    Later on; we found by making different companies; each one specialized in one field of business; will reflect on the quality of the service provided... Accordingly; we are now four companies under the same umbrella of centralized management team. 



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